Testing HEPA Filtered Systems and Cleanrooms

October 10-13, 2017  | Sanford, ME

This four-day class provides the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to be able to test HEPA filters in clean benches, clean rooms, and HVAC systems according to the relevant ISO and IEST standards.


Participants Will Learn:


  • Airflow definitions and equations used in testing HEPA filters
  • How to handle and store HEPA filters
  • How to identify different types and classes of filters
  • How to measure airflow in clean benches, cleanrooms, and HVAC systems
  • How to perform airflow visualization
  • The theory and operation of photometers and particle counters
  • How to verify a room ‘s cleanliness classification
  • How to repair HEPA filter media and gasket leaks
  • How to perform HEPA testing in accordance with ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-2, IEST RP34, IEST RP006, IEST RP001, IEST RP002 and the FDA CGMP Guide

Who Is This Course For?

Validation, quality assurance and contamination control personnel, facility engineers, maintenance personnel, cleanroom certifiers, and architects and engineers involved in cleanroom design.

Course Tuition

Tuition of $1695 must be paid in full to guarantee a space in the class. Tuition includes: course manual, lunch each day, an Eagleson Institute certificate and a special class reception and dinner with plenty of time to network with peers and instructors.