Eagleson Institute Turned 20 in '09!

In August, 1989, the Eagleson Institute held its first class on the safe use of biological safety cabinets. Throughout the past 20 years, the Institute has demonstrated a passion for promoting laboratory safety. In this anniversary issue of our newsletter, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the individuals and organizations who have shared our passion and partnered with us to make laboratories, and those who work in and near them, safer. Thank you for helping to make the past 20 years a success!

New Training Video

Our video, “Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets” also turned 20 this year, so we have spent much of the year working on an updated version.  “Effective Use of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets” is now available. The DVD explains how BSCs function, commonly-accepted preparations for working in a BSC, how to work safely in the BSC, and how to clean up when work is completed. Extras include the popular smoke demonstrations of cabinet airflow, a particle-shedding demonstration, and a “Bad Laboratorian” silent film. Also included is a comprehensive instructor guide, review quiz, and completion certificate. Go to www.eagleson.org for more information or to order your copy.

New Programs for 2010

This year we launched a new class, “Balancing Energy Efficiency with Laboratory Safety,” which outlines HVAC energy conservation techniques and explains how they impact health and safety.

In 2010, we’ll be hosting our first-ever medical conference (in partnership with The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation, the CDC, ABSA, and ACOEM). “Providing Medical Support and Response for Biomedical Facilities: A Colloquium for Occupational Medicine, Infectious Disease and Emergency Medical Personnel” will be held June 14-15, 2010, at the Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Traveling to Teach

The Eagleson Institute travels the world, offering custom classes to companies and organizations. In July, instructors Dr. David Stuart and Bob Jones left cool and rainy Maine for a trip to hot and sunny Cairo, Egypt to present two classes on biological safety cabinets. Our intrepid instructors found the people extremely welcoming and the students eager to learn. Teaching through a translator was problematic at times, but the Bad Laboratorian “silent film” (which is part of our new DVD) and hands-on exercises helped transcend the language barrier.

Instructor Spotlight: Jon Crane

We’re pleased that many of our instructors have returned to teach Eagleson Institute courses again and again. Jon Crane, AIA, Senior Vice President HDR CUH2A, began his long association with the Eagleson Institute as a student in one of Eagleson Institute’s first biological safety cabinet classes. By the next year, he was creating Eagleson’s second course offering, which over the years has developed into our “HVAC Systems and Laboratory Design” class. During the past two decades, Jon has lent his architectural and biocontainment expertise to Eagleson’s efforts by helping develop and present sessions at many seminars, conferences and colloquia.

Jon says his teaching for Eagleson has helped him clarify his thoughts on biocontainment as he has prepared presentations. “I always learn a lot as I prepare to teach,” he says. In addition, Jon says he benefits from interacting with attendees, who often are very knowledgeable in their own areas.  He points out that the Eagleson Institute’s emphasis on classroom interaction promotes dialog among instructors and between instructors and attendees, allowing everyone to gain knowledge. Jon recalls that 10 years ago interaction with one attendee, Paul Jeannette, resulted in Paul’s becoming an Institute instructor himself!

Jon notes that Eagleson Institute’s program offerings have grown along with the needs of the biosafety field, and have been an important way for those in the field to keep up with the explosion of knowledge.

Eagleson Institute Honor Society

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we have inaugurated an Eagleson Institute Honor Society for those who have attended five or more classes. Honor Society members are listed below:

  • Kelly Alexander, Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma
  • Seung Woo Baek, Woojung BSC, Inc., Seoul, Korea
  • Jeff Berndt, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Damon Easley, Micro Filtrations, Inc., Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Mike Hollahan, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Saint John's, Newfoundland
  • Donney Leung, Fugro Technical Services, Ltd., Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
  • Harry Magoveny, Field Support Services, Inc., Greenport, New York
  • Steve Reichert, Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma

Where We've Been and
Where You Have Come From

As the map below illustrates, over the past 20 years Eagleson has reached students in over 90 countries. Many travel to our Sanford, Maine courses, and even more have been part of training programs held in countries ranging from Argentina and Azerbaijan to Peru and Russia.

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Throughout our history, The Eagleson Institute has promoted laboratory safety through several types of donations.

Each year we provide scholarships to students at the University of New England and University of Southern Maine. In addition, we award 10 to 15 scholarships to students from Maine who are attending institutes of higher learning.

Additional donations in the past few years include: equipment for two new pharmacy schools in Maine, the University of New England School of Pharmacy and Husson School of Pharmacy; equipment for the Maine Biotechnology Program; support for Maine Medical Center Research Institute’s Summer Student Research Program; and contributions to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.

We also provide financial support to speakers at conferences, such as the American Biological Safety Association’s annual conference.

The Eagleson Institute is a non-profit foundation to promote the principles and practices of laboratory safety. We carry out our mission by offering seminars, producing DVDs, and software, awarding scholarships, and sponsoring lectures.