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Where In The World Is Eagleson Institute? Part 1: Kenya

Six Africans have been trained and mentored by Eagleson Institute instructors as part of an effort by CDC to train Africans to certify biosafety cabinets (BSCs), many of which have been supplied by the CDC as part of the PEPFAR (global AIDS) project. Gabriel Okondo, Senior Engineering Technologist and George Otieno, an engineering technician, who are both associated with the Kenya Medical Research Institute, have been part of that effort.

Now, a little more than a year after receiving training at the Institute, the ripple effects of this training can be plainly seen. The pair have certified Ministry of Health safety cabinets throughout Kenya and have been asked to train users, QA/QC personnel and biosafety officers in the country, as well as mentor two biomedical engineers from the Ministry of Health on BSC maintenance, repair and certification. In addition, Mr. Otieno has been invited to present a paper at the annual conference of the Association of Medical Engineers.

Eagleson Institute interviewed the two via email to find out about the challenges and successes they have experienced. Their responses (and the photos they sent) make fascinating reading for those used to dealing with North American or European labs.  (Read more.)

Where In The World Is Eagleson Institute?
Part 2: Former Soviet Union

Over the years, Eagleson Institute instructors have presented classes in numerous countries around the world. This year found Eagleson teaching teams traveling to “FSU’s” (former Soviet Union countries) Ajerbaijan and Kazakhstan as well as Vladimir, Russia. (Read more.)

"Sustainability" Is More Than A Buzzword For Eagleson Institute

Laboratories have long struggled with being both safe and energy-efficient, and Eagleson Institute is very involved in helping laboratories become more sustainable.  (Read more.)

2011’s New Classes

2011 saw the launch of one revamped course and three brand-new ones:

  • The sold-out “Verifying BSL3 Performance: From Commissioning to Certification” is a revised, expanded version of “Commissioning HVAC Systems for Biocontainment.

  • Effective Use and Testing of Class III Cabinets,” provides participants with an opportunity to learn from industry experts and experienced users in both classroom and hands-on activities.
  • Certification of Sterile Compounding Facilities for Compliance with USP Chapter <797> and the NIOSH Alert” is geared toward the pharmaceutical industry.
  •  “Certification of Compounding Aseptic Isolators for Compliance with USP Chapter <797> and the NIOSH Alert” is another course requested by pharmaceutical industry clients.

Due to their success, all classes will be offered again in 2012. See our entire 2012 schedule at www.eagleson.org/2012

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Where In The World Is Eagleson Institute? Part 1: Kenya

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  • Where In The World Is Eagleson Institute? Part 2: Former Soviet Union
  • "Sustainability" Is More Than A Buzzword For Eagleson Institute
  • 2011’s New Classes
  • New EI Honor Society Members
  • Sun, Sand, Surf and Safety in San Diego

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New EI Honor Society Members

The Eagleson Institute Honor Society is made up of individuals who have attended five or more classes. In 2011 we welcomed the following students to the honor society:

Pierre Audet, Con-Test, Inc

William "Dan" Daniels, Pfizer, Inc

Barry Atkins, Atkins Air Balancing, Inc.

Congradulations Gentlemen!

Sun, Sand, Surf and Safety in San Diego

Eagleson Institute staffers spent a week in June in San Diego administering two back-to-back conferences.  The National Institutes of Health/Office of Biotechnology Activities co-sponsored conference, “IBCs In an Evolving Research Landscape” featured discussions on viral vectors, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology, as well as a  “mock IBC” in which conference speakers, as well as attendees, played the roles of the various members of an Institutional Biosafety Committee reviewing an application for a hypothetical research project. 

A number of NIH/OBA attendees stayed on in San Diego to participate in the 2nd annual Occupational Health Colloquium, “Preventing and Treating Biological Exposures,” presented by Eagleson Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation and sponsored by the American Biological Safety Association, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the California State Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

A highlight for many who attended the two conferences that week was an optional tour of the state-of the art veterinary hospital and silver LEED certified laboratory at San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.

NOTE: The NIH/OBA conference is held biannually. However, the “Preventing and Treating Biological Exposures” colloquium will be held June 10-13, 2012 at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA. (No sand or surf is nearby, but the venue is on the banks of the Charles River!)

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