The Eagleson Institute offers a wide variety of classes at our training facility in Sanford, Maine.  From our signature “Safety Cabinet Technology” course which is an introductory step in learning how to certify Class II Biological Safety Cabinets to our “Verifying BSL3 Performance” class which is an advanced level course where participants will focus on the important considerations when commissioning and verifying the performance of high containment laboratories..

Our classes are held in beautiful coastal southern Maine.  More information on our location, area transportation and the local hotels we use can be found here.

Additionally, the Eagleson Institute can design a custom training to meet your specific needs.

Current Classes

Advanced Certification

ASHRAE 110 Testing Workshop

BSL3 Seminar Series 2019

Testing HEPA Filtered Systems and Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Certification of Sterile Compounding Facilities and Aseptic Isolators

Global Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program

HVAC Systems and Laboratory Design

Introduction to Certification

Safety Cabinet Technology

Verifying BSL3 Performance

Custom Classes