Global Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program


The Eagleson Institute’s Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program consists of two phases with an additional (optional) third component. Parts I and II take place twice a year at the Eagleson Institute, and can also be offered at other training facilities that have the necessary equipment.

Part I: Two weeks training at Eagleson Institute on Class II Type A BSCs

Part II: Two weeks advanced training at Eagleson Institute, including trouble-shooting, repair, and certification of Class II Type B BSCs

Part III: In-house mentoring and evaluation by an Eagleson Institute instructor (optional)


Students who participate in this program receive training in the following areas:

  • How BSCs are constructed and function

  • BSC types and exhaust requirements

  • How to use BSCs effectively

  • How to follow NSF 49 and EN 12469 test procedures for BSC certification

  • Developing a testing grid for BSCs

  • Performing inflow and downflow airflow tests

  • Evaluating BSC airflow using smoke pattern tests

  • Conducting a site assessment

  • Performing HEPA leak testing

  • Determining when and how to decontaminate a BSC

  • Troubleshooting BSCs

  • Balancing BSC airflows

  • Repairing leaks in HEPA filters

  • Changing HEPA filters

  • Teaching others to use BSCs effectively



Part I

Safety Cabinet Technology (2 Day Course)
Introduction to Certification (Half-Day Workshop)
Decontamination (Half-Day Workshop)
HVAC Systems & Laboratory Design (2 Day Course)

Personalized Hands-On Testing Workshop (5-Days)


Part II

Personalized Hands-On Testing Workshop (5-Days)

Advanced Certification Course


Part III

In-house Mentoring and Evaluation by an Eagleson Institute Instructor

Note: If you opt to be NSF accredited, the exams are offered at the Eagleson Institute. Arrangements need to be made through NSF International.


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