ASHRAE 110 Testing Workshop

May 7, 2024

Course Description
This half-day course uses lecture and demonstration to provide an overview of the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110-2016 method for testing laboratory fume hood performance. The standard uses airflow measurements, qualitative smoke studies and quantitative tracer gas procedures to determine a hood performance rating.  Instrumentation, apparatus requirements, practical considerations and reporting results are discussed. An ASHRAE 110 test is performed in a demonstration laboratory.

Participants Will Learn

  • The scope and purpose of the ASHRAE 110 test method
  • What equipment is needed for the test
  • How to report and interpret hood test results
  • How to perform the procedures specified in the test method

This Course is For
certifiers, industrial hygienists and biosafety officers

Instructor Team

  • Pam Greenley, CIH, Environmental Health and Safety Office Associate Director, Draper
  • Jack Price, PE, CIH, CSP, Director, Environmental Health and Safety Northeastern University

Tuition of $395 must be paid in full to guarantee a space in the class. Tuition includes: course manual, lunch and an Eagleson Institute certificate.

Prerequisite: This course must be taken in conjunction with Eagleson Institute’s HVAC Systems and Laboratory Design course. 

To register for HVAC Systems and Laboratory Design and the ASHRAE 110 Testing Workshop, please click here.