CDC International Biosafety Symposium






As Incident Manager, Dr. Henry Walke has led the CDC response to COVID-19. Dr. Walke will discuss critical areas of focus that include clinical sequelae of infections, testing, interactions with other infectious diseases, transmission dynamics, and considerations for disproportionately affected persons. This information has been critical for decisions and messaging about who is at most risk and how best to protect them.



PPE-Stories from the Field – Challenges and Opportunities –

Psychological Support for the Workforce

Virtual Inspections: Tools and Techniques for Success

Assessing Risk and Biosafety During Emergency Field-Testing

The Growth of Collaborations and Partnerships


Animal Transmission of Coronaviruses

Breakout Sessions
A. Animal – Case Studies

B. Clinical – Risk Assessment for POC Testing in Nontraditional Settings


Training in a Virtual Work Environment: What Works?
Lightning Round: Participant Stories

Using Virtual Reality in Laboratory Training

Issues for Training in Non-Traditional Environments


Did Existing Plans Work for the Current Pandemic?

Facility Decontamination: Lessons Learned

Adapting our Emergency Plans for the Future


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In order to protect the health and safety of all of our students and staff, all course participants must produce proof of vaccination. I acknowledge that I can provide proof of vaccination.