Safety Cabinet Technology

May 6-7, 2019  | Sanford, ME

Our signature course continuously updated and improved since 1989.


This two-day course provides a comprehensive overview of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on laboratory workshops.  The course provides numerous opportunities for hands-on learning.  Engaging class discussions allow participants learn from each other. The guided tour of a BSC manufacturing facility provides a unique opportunity to understand the “nuts and bolts” of BSCs.


Participants Will Learn

  • How BSCs are constructed and function.
  • How the types of BSCs vary from each other and from other laboratory ventilation equipment.
  • What exhaust options exist for each type.
  • Why HEPA filtration plays a key role in BSC operation.
  • What factors influence BSC performance.
  • How to use safety cabinets effectively.
  • How performance envelopes are used to select a BSCs set point.
  • When and how cabinet decontamination is performed.
  • What hazards are associated with decontamination and certification.
  • How all required BSC testing is performed
  • How to select the appropriate BSC for a specific application


This is an introductory level course.

Course Instructors

Lance Gaudette, Engineering Technician, Baker; Ron Gingras, Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Specialist, Eagleson Institute; Tony Hawkins, Senior Service Technician, Air Techniques International;  Kara Held, Science Director, Baker; Bob Jones, Consultant, Eagleson Institute; Bryan Lavallee, Tech Support Supervisor, Baker; Larry McCarthy, Product Design Engineer, Baker; 

Course Tuition

Tuition of $1095 must be paid in full to guarantee a space in the class. Register for the entire week of classes to receive a $200 discount.  Tuition includes: course manual; lunch each day; an Eagleson Institute certificate; and a special class reception and dinner, with plenty of time to network with peers and instructors.