Michelle Gochnour, MN, RN, COHN-S

Senior Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, Research | Environmental Health and Safety , Seattle Childrens


For over 30 years, Michelle Kom Gochnour has focused her career on developing and providing occupational health and safety services in the areas of academia, government, private industry, and the military. This work has involved collaborations with other professionals to improve processes and ensure safe work environments and decrease risk to workers. She earned her master’s degree in nursing with a specialty in occupational and environmental health nursing from the University of Washington. Currently, Michelle holds the position of the Senior Occupational Health and Safety Consultant for Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital where she is part of the Environmental Health and Safety team for four laboratory research buildings, including a BSL3 facility. She serves on several institutional biosafety committees (IBCs), Children’s institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC), and is the current president of the Northwest Health, Environmental and Laboratory Professionals (NW HELP) group. Michelle loves a good risk assessment discussion and is driven to constantly seek to decrease risk through occupational health and safety mitigation strategies.