William T. Freeman, PE, LEED AP, BD+C

Principal , Collaborative Engineering Solutions


William (Bill) Freeman is President of Collaborative Engineering Solutions Inc. in Marietta, Georgia. Since 1981, Bill has been involved with hundreds of projects, including almost 100 science and technology projects, across the United States, Western Europe and Australia. These projects include major containment facilities (BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-3AG and BSL-4) for the CDC and NIH; projects for major academic institutions, including Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas, Case Western Reserve University, University of Iowa; and for commercial clients.

Over the past ten years Bill has authored numerous articles regarding containment and science & technology engineering. These articles have focused on simplifying the mystique of engineering systems by explaining principles applicable across multiple project types and challenges. His speaking engagement include the CDC International Symposium, Tradelines, ASHRAE, ABSA, local ABSA affiliates and is a regular instructor for the Eagleson Institute's BSL-3 Design and Laboratory HVAC Design classes.

Bill is a registered professional engineer in Georgia as well as numerous other states and is accredited as a LEED BD+C by the US Green Building Council. He maintains membership in ASHRAE, ABSA, SEBSA and CETA.

He is a proud graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering and values the integrated design principles that have helped him understand the science & technology industry is a unique way.